Order Manager Add-Ons

We offer add-on programs that integrate seamlessly with the Stone Edge Order Manager. Our programs are written by Barney Stone, founder of Stone Edge Technologies and lead designer of the Stone Edge Order Manager. (Barney sold Stone Edge in 2011 and is no longer officially associated with the company.)

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Each of our programs solves a problem or fills a need brought to us by Order Manager users. They come with easy-to-use setup programs that automatically re-load our add-ons when you install a new version of the Order Manager. They also include a new customizable menu that you can access from the Order Manager’s Main Menu, and that you can personalize with buttons for other custom forms or functions that you use.

Don’t like the new user interface in Stone Edge Version 7? Advanced View Orders, our best selling add-on, replaces the standard View Orders screen with one based on the Version 5.9 design, but with lots of improvements that take full advantage of today’s larger monitors. Your staff will love it!

Do you enter a lot of manual orders? Advanced Customer Service combines the View Customer and Manual Order screens into one convenient screen. New features let you have any number of contacts for each customer, assign customers to Customer Groups, do quick searches and more. And manual order entry is based on the Stone Edge 5.9x design, making it much faster and more convenient.

Have you ever wished that there was an easy way to extract data from the Order Manager for use with other programs? Barney’s Order Export Wizard is the program you’ve been waiting for!

Want to have more than five custom Quick Filters? Need an easy way to create and test new Quick Filters? Barney’s Quick Filter Wizard is the tool you need!

Are there other capabilities that you would like to see added to the Order Manager? Send your ideas via our Contact Form, and we will consider adding them to our list for future development!