About Us

Barney StoneI formed Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. way back in the 1980s to do custom programming for small-to-medium sized companies. In 1999 I released the first version of the Stone Edge Order Manager. It started out as a simple system for downloading orders from a shopping cart and printing invoices and packing slips. Over the next decade Stone Edge grew to over 20 employees while the Order Manager evolved into a powerful and feature-rich system that was used by more than 2,000 Web merchants of all sizes. In 2011, I sold Stone Edge Technologies to Monsoon Commerce and retired from software development so I could pursue my love of glass sculpture.

It didn’t quite stick.

I found that I missed programming, and started doing custom programming for some Stone Edge users. I’ve enjoyed getting back to my roots, working directly with users and coding features and capabilities that make the Stone Edge Order Manager work even better for them. I started out with a system that makes it easy to export order data for use with other programs, such as spreadsheets and email marketing systems. There is also an easier way to create Quick Filters (and to have as many of them as you need). Then in late 2014 I introduced Advanced View Orders, which has been a hit with Stone Edge Version 7 users, dramatically reducing the number of clicks required to manage their orders. That was followed in 2015 by Advanced Customer Service, another productivity enhancing add-on for Stone Edge users.

Stone Edge was sold by Monsoon Commerce and again became an independent company in 2016. Although I am not directly associated with the new Stone Edge Technologies, we are cooperating to make sure that the add-ons I create will continue to work with new versions of the program and will not interfere with any changes they make.

Look for more product announcements coming soon!

In the meantime, do you have an idea for a Stone Edge add-on feature that would make your life easier? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Send a message to Sales via our Contact Form.

– Barney Stone

P.S. You can see some of my glass work at www.SeeingGlass.com.

P.P.S. Recently I’ve been creating kinetic sculptures made of antique parts and found objects and controlled by Arduino micro controllers. Check them out at www.KineticContraptions.com!