Here’s an announcement for Technology Copilot clients
from Barney Stone, founder of Stone Edge Technologies:


Barney Stone Software

Attention Monsoon Stone Edge users:

Barney Stone’s Advanced View Orders add-on is Now Available!

Looking for a way to improve your productivity? How about making your customer service reps more efficient? You need the new Advanced View Orders screen from Barney Stone Software!

Have you avoided upgrading to Stone Edge Version 7 because of the new user interface? Now you can have the best of both worlds!

Advanced View Orders (AVO) is based on the old Stone Edge screen design, but with many improvements made possible by today’s larger monitors. The new screen was designed by Barney Stone, original developer of the Stone Edge Order Manager, to add convenience and flexibility while requiring the absolute minimum of re-training.


From reviews of Advanced View Orders in the Stone Edge User Forum:

“I have found AVO to be a huge improvement over the regular view orders screen and well-worth its price… I don’t have to constantly click around searching for information about an order.” Read full review.

“That screen is invaluable! It is so much easier to see, access and act upon the data than the stock config from SE Monsoon.” Read full review.

“This is a strong enough upgrade over our version 5.933 View Orders that we were happy to pay for it, and if you are on the newer versions of SEOM it is truly a must have over the convoluted View Orders screens in those newer versions.” Read full review.

Here are just a few of the features of Advanced View Orders:

  • Familiar look and feel for Stone Edge 5.9 users. Little or no retraining needed!
  • Takes advantage of larger screens (1600 x 900 minimum resolution required; 1920 x 1080 or larger recommended).
  • Puts more information at your fingertips.
  • Address information is always visible.
  • Use highly visible “Warnings” to notify users about problem orders.
  • Quick search by Order Number, Web Order Number, Last Name, Company, Email or Order State.
  • Tracks the last 10 orders viewed; jump to any of them quickly.
  • Quick report option calculates informative totals for the currently selected orders; copy and paste the results into Excel, Word, email messages, etc.
  • Open multiple windows (2 or 4, depending on your vertical screen resolution) to show Notes, Shipping, Drop Shipping, Custom Fields and Product Data from the View Inventory screen!
  • Use custom buttons to open Access forms or run Access functions.
  • Each user decides whether to use the regular screen or Advanced View Orders.
  • Switch back-and-forth between the two View Orders screens in about a minute.
  • Compatible with Stone Edge versions 5.9x, 7.0x and 7.1x*.

* Advanced View Orders supports the PCI-compliant payment system in Stone Edge 7.1x, but it has not been reviewed or certified for PCI compliance.

Advanced View Orders is available now from Monsoon Commerce.

The price is $1,000, which covers all of the Stone Edge users and computers at your company and includes a year of support and updates provided by Barney Stone Software.


Purchase Advanced View Orders by November 15 2014 and Barney will personally log onto one of your computers to install the program and give you an overview of how it works!

For more information, go to Barney Stone Software.


To purchase Advanced View Orders, email