Advanced View Orders Update History

Advanced View Orders: Current Version & Update History

Current release of Advanced View Orders form: Version 2.02, April 5, 2016

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List of changes to Advanced View Orders (major new features listed in bold type):

Version 2.02, April 5, 2016:
     • Added support for parameter BSAVOAlwaysReturnToInventory
     • Added support for parameter BSAVOMainSubform

Version 2.01, January 19, 2016:
     • Added compatibility with Stone Edge 7.5x

Version 1.49, August 25, 2015:
     • Make source order # copyable
     • Expand Tax Rate and Weight fields
     • Added parameters BSCustomRateShopForm and BSCustomFieldForm
     • Added Import ID to quick find options

Version 1.48, August 8, 2015:
     • Added security to Notes subform

Prior releases:

7/6/2015: fixed problem when going from Advanced View Orders to Advanced Customer Service screen
6/16/2015: fixed bug at Edit Referral
6/11/2015: fixed bugs in cmdCancel_Click and cboGoTo_AfterUpdate
6/8/2015: expanded width of some fields on Payments tab
5/19/2015:  after print Dazzle label, set focus so next barcode scan will work
4/24/2015: fixed ACS button, hid txtCustomer, fixed issue with null CartID
4/3/2015: added dummy txtCustomer field to fix compile issue
4/2/2015: added call to recalc order after clicking a Drop Ship button
4/2/2015: added button to go directly to Advanced Customer Service (if installed)
3/21/2015: added Find by Marketplace ID and Marketplace Customer ID
3/21/2015: added scroll bars for use on smaller screens
3/21/2015: show shopping cart name instead of cart type
3/21/2015: added Go To Assemblies
2/13/2015: revised DoFind to use AnyGenericCarts
2/6/2015: fixed problems in Drop Shipping form; added CheckBalance option
2/4/2015: fixed Custom Details subform setup
2/3/2015: added warnings for Do Not Ship and Do Not Mail customers
1/31/2015: restored Purchase Order screen options to setup form
1/27/2015: added check for customer balance due at Approve button click
1/25/2015: added support for option to EditDropshipDates
1/15/2015: added Customer ID and Zipcode to Find options
1/14/2015: added custom hook BSAVOBeforeFillBOsCall
1/14/2015: change to speed up searches
12/24/2014: Fixes to Drop Shipping subform: refresh after placing orders, and fix Pick Supplier or Cancel button problem in Stone Edge V7
12/7/2014: Added ability to expand Purchase Order subforms!
12/5/2014: Allow use of Adjustments in Warning SQL at CheckWarnings; added “?” button for version info
12/4/2014: SixBit correction
12/1/2014: Added SixBit code to BSAVOShipping
11/24/2014: Increased custom buttons from 5 to 10
11/21/2014: Added support for cmdCustom button and quick find by Drop Ship PO#
11/19/2014: Fixed bug that approved first order in file instead of current order
11/12/2014: Added Show/Hide Ribbon button, quick find by SKU and custom label for Technology Copilot
11/10/2014: Fixed bug in installer that caused problems with other BSS apps
11/9/2014: Fixed bug in supplier info display
11/3/2014: Added Multi Add button; more error checking in Installer
11/1/2014: Added totals received and due to Calculate button
10/27/2014: Added Expand & Contract “slider” buttons for subforms
10/16/2014: Revisions to BS View Orders and both CC Functions modules
10/10/2014: Added support for OM 7.1x, including payment system
10/8/2014: Added custom hooks BSAVOEditCommentsCall and BSAVOFormCurrentCall

If you already have Advanced View Orders and want to request an update, please email